Welcome to Warlocks Fiction a set of stories paints the background for Warlocks: Trials of the Pruning Grounds. This title is the first game to be based in the fantasy universe, the Tamaya Refuge. Through this game we learn more of the Warlocks or Jitadara (‘wielders of the Jitadi’) during their ritual training trials as their Order struggles with the revelation of a reborn Warlock hero.

Here are the stories:

Pivot Point

New Methods

Snow Show


Rest Renewal



The Tamaya Refuge is a new fantasy universe that combines futuristic imagery with magic and mystical powers. Like all games and literature based in a fantasy mythology, the use of power is the crux of the Tamaya Refuge experience. Yet, unlike other games where your involvement is at only one point in history, it will be possible to play in different eras that then affect the history of the Tamaya Refuge. The power and impact of your decisions will count and will be carried across future planned games.

Different game genres will allow you to adopt different characters and experience the diverse historical events of the Tamaya Refuge. What makes the Tamaya Refuge experience compelling is that game outcomes can be loaded into future games and will affect some important aspects of those games. Your efforts and accomplishments will carry over and will create a customized version of the Tamaya Refuge unique to you.

The Tamaya Refuge is threatened from within and from beyond its borders. You cannot avoid becoming involved in the intrigue and chaos of Tamayan politics and must decide what faction you will support. Developing a single character is not an end in itself as you will experience continuous rebirth into new personalities and challenges. Like the ‘power’ behind the actions of a Civilization in Sid Meier’s brilliant games, you will use your various roles as an instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. You must seize your destiny as your own hand will write the history of this world.