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Official Launch of Create Or Conquer 1.5 has left Open Beta and version 1.5 is now considered completed.

CoC was established in 2006, at a time of PHP/MySQL webgames were very popular. In 2010 it was acquired by and was slowly improved over the next decade. CoC is an preservation and update of the PHP/MySQL era.

The changes to V1.5 are mostly behind the scenes and don’t touch the core play (for better and worse). What has been updated is a multitude of code improvements and a whole new narrative design.

While CoC won’t win awards for design, graphics, or crunchy RPG mechanics, it has a great narrative concept that I am proud of.

So jump in to the world of CreateOrConquer and experience an original game concept from 2006 that has been preserved and updated.


P.S. The original version 1.0 of is located here.

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