Funky Superhero Webgame turns 15 years old! is the world’s first and only Funk inspired Superhero game that continues to attract interest.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – August 10, 2019 is proud to announce that has reached a milestone in longevity, turning fifteen years old last month. The web-based game was started in July 2004.

Fifteen years is an exceptional milestone for any website with the increased ease and desire in creating websites for profit and personal interest. It was estimated that the average life of a website is about 44 to 75 days (1), is a grandparent in the internet age.

Time has not been kind to websites like The rise of Facebook and the death of Flash have massively impacted web-based gaming sites like While it no longer commands the traffic it once did, the site’s owner has added back-end enhancements to ensure that the site remains viable.

“ is a great piece of gaming and web history. While updating the site is not currently viable, we have established on new servers that ensures it will remain running for years to come.”, stated Chris Billows of

About is a web-game developer that has acquired and supported web-games such as is currently working on an updated release of its unique Player-Built-Play webgame

For more information, contact and/or Chris Billows at and phone at 204-430-9956.




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