About Promaginy

Tagline – “Bringing Imagination to Life”

Promaginy was formed in July 2004 by Chris Billows. It was established to bring to fruition the original fantasy world of the Tamaya Refuge through the computer games market.
Neostein, our cartoon icon that is the basis of our logo is inspired by Frankenstein who represents the raw act of bringing imagination to life. Neostein was created by the talented Don Teranishi. The name ‘Promaginy’ is a creative fusion of the words ‘progeny’ and ‘imagine’.

Promaginy’s Vision

Promaginy’s purpose is simple: for the Tamaya Refuge to be known in every home.

Promaginy’s Mission

Promaginy’s mission is to provide a compelling and unforgettable fictional setting that fantasy & science-fiction fans will wish to experience through computer games (and other entertainment media).

Promaginy’s Philosophy

Promaginy’s philosophy is that our products are a method to combat the drudgery of the modern day pressures and reconnect to the player’s epic spirit. The player should come away from our games and other products with renewed vigor and a sense of empowerment. Our games will always be imaginative and will create fresh gameplay experiences by skillfully combining the most exciting gameplay elements.

About Founder and Creative Director, Chris Billows

Chris’ fascination with technology and in particular how computer games could be used to tell a compelling story, led him to found Promaginy. Through diligent research, painstaking detailing, and inspiration from brilliant literary & cinema works of the Lord of the Rings, Dune, Star Wars and The Matrix, Chris is bringing to fruition his own fantasy realm known as the Tamaya Refuge.

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