About Promaginy

Tagline – “Bringing Imagination to Life”

Promaginy was formed in July 2004 by Chris Billows. It was established to bring to fruition the original fantasy world of the Tamaya Refuge through the computer games market.
Neostein, our cartoon icon that is the basis of our logo is inspired by Frankenstein who represents the raw act of bringing imagination to life. Neostein was created by the talented Don Teranishi. The name ‘Promaginy’ is a creative fusion of the words ‘progeny’ and ‘imagine’.

Promaginy’s Vision

Promaginy’s purpose is simple: for the Tamaya Refuge to be known in every home.

Promaginy’s Mission

Promaginy’s mission is to provide a compelling and unforgettable fictional setting that fantasy & science-fiction fans will wish to experience through computer games (and other entertainment media).

Promaginy’s Philosophy

Promaginy’s philosophy is that our products are a method to combat the drudgery of the modern day pressures and reconnect to the player’s epic spirit. The player should come away from our games and other products with renewed vigor and a sense of empowerment. Our games will always be imaginative and will create fresh gameplay experiences by skillfully combining the most exciting gameplay elements.

About Founder and Creative Director, Chris Billows

Chris’ fascination with technology and in particular how computer games could be used to tell a compelling story, led him to found Promaginy. Through diligent research, painstaking detailing, and inspiration from brilliant literary & cinema works of the Lord of the Rings, Dune, Star Wars and The Matrix, Chris is bringing to fruition his own fantasy realm known as the Tamaya Refuge.

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A free Multi-User Dungeon creator that borrows heavily from ADVenture

A homage to the history of computer games


A MUD is an online multiplayer virtual world. It is the predecessor of MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online). MUD as an acronym stands for Multi-User Dungeon, though some games are not based in dungeons. These will then be more generically called Multi-User Dimensions or Multi-User Domains.

MUDs include a bunch of now-standard user and game mechanics like online chat, moving around rooms, collecting inventory, and accomplishing puzzles. Some MUDs become similar to Role Playing Games by incorporating monsters, leveling, and player versus player.

The earliest MUDs were essentially online role-playing video games set in a fantasy world. These games were influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and included fantasy races, monsters, player classes like fighters, magic-users, and thieves. These MUDs had players explore a fantastical realm, take on quests, roleplay with other players, and advance the character through class levels. Later on came MUDs with science fiction, futuristic, and other settings.

ADV is the short-form command for Adventure. Initial adventure games developed in the 1970s and early 1980s were text-based, using text parsers to translate the player’s input into commands. As personal computers became more powerful with the ability to show graphics, the graphic adventure game format became popular, initially by augmenting player’s text commands with graphics.

MUD ADV Maker is a combination Multi-User Dungeon and Adventure builder. It combines the online connectivity of a MUD with the narrative play found in Adventure.

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Dark Reject

A free PBBG Role Playing Game

A homage to the beginnings of online computer gaming


Back in the beginnings of Internet gaming, there was a series of non-Flash, PHP/MySQL games that were launched to the open-web. These were Role Playing Games that anybody could play as they required no third-party software, just a standard browser.

These were known as PBBGs (Persistent Browser Based Games). Promaginy acquired a few different PBBGs and is endeavoring to preserve them. Dark Reject is one of them.

Dark Reject is a open-web RPG built on PHP and hearkens back to the beginning of online gaming.

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Warlocks Fiction


Welcome to Warlocks Fiction a set of stories paints the background for Warlocks: Trials of the Pruning Grounds. This title is the first game to be based in the fantasy universe, the Tamaya Refuge. Through this game we learn more of the Warlocks or Jitadara (‘wielders of the Jitadi’) during their ritual training trials as their Order struggles with the revelation of a reborn Warlock hero.

Here are the stories:

Pivot Point

New Methods

Snow Show


Rest Renewal



The Tamaya Refuge is a new fantasy universe that combines futuristic imagery with magic and mystical powers. Like all games and literature based in a fantasy mythology, the use of power is the crux of the Tamaya Refuge experience. Yet, unlike other games where your involvement is at only one point in history, it will be possible to play in different eras that then affect the history of the Tamaya Refuge. The power and impact of your decisions will count and will be carried across future planned games.

Different game genres will allow you to adopt different characters and experience the diverse historical events of the Tamaya Refuge. What makes the Tamaya Refuge experience compelling is that game outcomes can be loaded into future games and will affect some important aspects of those games. Your efforts and accomplishments will carry over and will create a customized version of the Tamaya Refuge unique to you.

The Tamaya Refuge is threatened from within and from beyond its borders. You cannot avoid becoming involved in the intrigue and chaos of Tamayan politics and must decide what faction you will support. Developing a single character is not an end in itself as you will experience continuous rebirth into new personalities and challenges. Like the ‘power’ behind the actions of a Civilization in Sid Meier’s brilliant games, you will use your various roles as an instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. You must seize your destiny as your own hand will write the history of this world.